Natural Dreamwork with Mary Jo

Submit A Dream

Would you like to experience how it is I work with dreams? In the exploration of just one dream, you will begin to see how very much your dreams want to be in relationship with you. Under FAQ’s read the section “Recording your Dreams’ which will help you be sure to include information that will help me better step into your dream with you and you have a couple of options for how we do that.


The first option is for me to write a written response in which I will open up parts of your dream with questions that will ask you to reflect upon and to feel into different dream moments. This can be very helpful in seeing how much lies right beneath the surface of what we think the dream might mean. The fee for this would be $35.00


The second option would be for us to have a phone or video conference session. I will spend a few moments sharing what will happen during the session and then we will explore you dream in depth. In this option I am able to respond immediately to what you are discovering and experiencing and offer a deeper experience of your dream. The fee for this would be my regular hour session fee (see my “Session Fees” page for information about my fees and schedule sliding scale.) Don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions.


Use this form to submit one or two recent dreams: