Natural Dreamwork with Mary Jo

Dream Session Fees


Sessions are one hour in length.  Most dream clients meet with me every two weeks wanting to work with their dreams as they evolve. Other clients choose to meet with me when they feel the call of a particular dream.

It matters deeply to me that anyone who wants to work with their dreams has the opportunity to do so. To be in relationship with our dreams and the teachings they bring is invaluable and a treasure.

My session fee is $100. I also understand that everyone’s financial situation is different and offer a sliding scale from $100-$85-$70. I trust the integrity of my clients and if there is a need, they indicate the price that best fits their budget. As their financial situation improves, then their session fee increases accordingly. If even this sliding scale proves financially difficult for you, don’t let that stop you. We can work something out. The quality and depth of the work we do together is not affected by your session fee.