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Voyage Denver – December 2019
Denver’s Most Inspiring Stories – Meet Mary Jo Heyen




The Healing Medicine in the Dreams and Visions of the Dying
The Journal of Palliative Medicine – April 2019





Dreaming into the Mystery – Honoring the 
Dreams and Vision of the Dying
DreamTime Magazine – Fall Issue 2018
The International Association for the Study of Dreams



Who Are Those Guys? is the primer companion for my workshop of the same name in a convenient book form. It explores the question that all of us, at one time or another, ask ourselves upon waking from a dream. The characters in our dreams include people we Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 6.50.58 AM
know and love, people we know and don’t love. They include unfamiliar characters that can look, say and do outrageous things. They may behave in ways and with qualities that we could never imagine in ourselves, whether it is something unpleasant or something awe-inspiring. Whatever their role in our dream, Who Are Those Guys? explains how they come to us each night with an intention and teaching that is uniquely personal for each dreamer.

Book Reviews

“Mary Jo Heyen is on a remarkably honest spiritual journey. She knows for herself the high places and the low, so that when she speaks of dreams it is not from books but her own personal experience. Her writing is clear and her teaching is valuable. Treat yourself to this sweet treatise on dreams.”
—Rodger Kamenetz, author of The History of Last Night’s Dream

“I loved this book. It is a great introduction to dreamwork for people just beginning to explore their dreams, and is also valuable to those of us who have been at it a bit longer—reminding us of what is most important. Who Are Those Guys? is written with humor, simplicity and kindness. I don’t think there is anything like this out there that is so clear and and accessible.”
—Dr. Keren Vishny, M.D.

“Imagine sitting down with a wise and compassionate friend who guides you to a source of love and healing within you as near as your nightly dreams. ‘Those guys’ may be smiling to know Mary Jo Heyen’s deeply felt, clearly written book will open many hearts and minds to the potent wisdom of dreams. I will recommend it to many with enthusiasm.”
—Marian Enochs Gay, Dream Practitioner

“A simply written, understandable book about a complex subject. Mary Jo has explained the nature of Archetypal Dreamwork and its gifts in this book. If you have ever wanted to understand what your dreams are trying to tell you, this is a great place to start.”
—C.K., fellow dreamworker

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