Recording Your Dreams

Okay, now I’ve remembered a dream(s).

How do I record them?

When writing down your dream:

  • Tell your dream like you’re telling me a story, including people, sights, sounds, etc.
  • Include your associations with people, places and things in the dream. For example…”and I see Mike.”
    • Who is Mike?
    • Include 2-3 words to describe Mike.
    • How do you feel about Mike?

    So, “…and I see Mike, 32, (brother-in-law, nice guy, good father; I respect him) or (brother-in-law, judgmental, critical; uncomfortable around him.)

  • If someone is speaking in the dream, put in quotes exactly what is said, to the best of your recall.
  • For all people in your dreams, including yourself, include the ages, even if it’s different from waking reality.
  • I will always ask you how you are feeling about some aspect of your dream: excited? sad? afraid? angry? some other feelings? So if you remember how you felt in the dream, add that as well.

Sometimes we may only recall a small piece of the dream, some image or moment.  That’s okay, too.  It can be quite remarkable what can be opened up with a dream of only a few words. So don’t feel you have to have a long action-packed dream.