Dream Recall

How do I remember my dreams?

As we start to listen to our dreams, they become easier to remember. I even think the unconscious is excited that we’re finally listening to what it wants to share with us. At first it may be a snippet here, a feeling there, but dreams, like anything, flourish with attention…so keep at it.

Here are some helpful suggestions for remembering your dreams…

  • The moment you wake up from a dream, don’t move…lie still and replay as much of the dream as you can…like watching a movie rerun; that way it will become stronger in your recall.
  • Even if you don’t recall the details, stay with whatever feeling may be there; that is what the dream is trying to evoke.
  • Write up your dream as soon as possible as they do slip away. If you can (it’s hard to drag yourself out of bed) get up and record it or…
  • Keep a voice recorder or a notepad by the bed to jot down what just happened.
  • When recording try not to judge the dream as good or bad; just be like an impartial court reporter writing down what happened.
  • Don’t be overly anxious that you’ll miss something. Dreams work in cycles and keep returning until we’ve listened to their message.