Natural Dreamwork with Mary Jo


How do I remember my dreams?

As we start to listen to our dreams, they become easier to remember. I even think the unconscious is excited that we’re finally listening to what it wants to share with us. At first it may be a snippet here, a feeling there, but dreams, like anything, flourish with attention…so keep at it.

Here are some helpful suggestions for remembering your dreams…

  • The moment you wake up from a dream, don’t move…lie still and replay as much of the dream as you can…like watching a movie rerun; that way it will become stronger in your recall.
  • Even if you don’t recall the details, stay with whatever feeling may be there; that is what the dream is trying to evoke.
  • Write up your dream as soon as possible as they do slip away. If you can (it’s hard to drag yourself out of bed) get up and record it
  • Keep a voice recorder or a notepad by the bed to jot down what just happened.
  • When recording try not to judge the dream as good or bad; just be like an impartial court reporter writing down what happened.
  • Don’t be overly anxious that you’ll miss something. Dreams work in cycles and keep returning until we’ve listened to their message.

Okay, now I’ve remembered a dream.

How do I record it?

When writing down your dream:

  • Tell your dream like you’re telling me a story, including people, sights, sounds, etc.
  • Include your associations with people, places and things in the dream. For example…”and I see Mike.”
    • Who is Mike?
    • Include 2-3 words to describe Mike.
    • How do you feel about Mike?

    So, “…and I see Mike, 32, (brother-in-law, nice guy, good father; I respect him) or (brother-in-law, judgmental, critical; uncomfortable around him.)

  • If someone is speaking in the dream, put in quotes exactly what is said, to the best of your recall.
  • For all people in your dreams, including yourself, include the ages, even if it’s different from waking reality.
  • I will always ask you how you are feeling about some aspect of your dream: excited? sad? afraid? angry? some other feelings? So if you remember how you felt in the dream, add that as well.

Sometimes we may only recall a small piece of the dream, some image or moment. That’s okay, too.  It can be quite remarkable what can be opened up with a dream of only a few words. So don’t feel you have to have a long action-packed dream.

What Happens in a Dream Session?

A couple of days before your scheduled session you will send me your new dreams.

During the hour session we will step into your dreams together. You’ll need a copy of your dreams and you may want a notepad. As we explore I will be asking a lot of questions to get underneath the surface of the dream. I’ll ask you to feel into certain parts of the dream. This is the heart of dreamwork where many, oftentimes surprising,
places open up for the dreamer. It can be joyful, loving, frightening, sad, challenging, laugh out loud funny…and always self revealing. Dreamwork is the tender work of the heart and soul and I don’t take lightly the privilege of being with you in this place…and even we aren’t alone. What is very precious, the miracle of the dream, is that within
the dream itself there is always found inner support and love. At the end of the session you will get a dream practice, the medicine found in the dream, a moment(s) from your dreams to deepen and anchor your work, as explained below.


Post Session Practice: Your Dream Medicine

Doing your dream moment practice means that, during the interim between sessions, you keep returning to certain feeling moment(s) that you were able to feel during the session. This deepening of feeling is the medicine that we found in the dream. I recommend that several times throughout your day, find quiet opportunities to return this place. It may only take a few breaths to drop into the feeling, feel it and then
return to your day. Some dreamers even make their dream moment something they meditate on, learning to breathe into and be with what is arising. A practice dream medicine may be something like, “Feel your fear as you stop running and turn to the man chasing you” or “Be the girl sledding down the hill, feeling your joy.” With the continued returning to a feeling something inside shifts…new feelings and awarenesses may arise… and a part of you that you lost connection to or didn’t even remember
was yours returns to you, helping you re-connect with your true self.