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  1. Hi Mary Jo,
    I see you are teaching a dream class at the Chilson Center in June. I want to introduce myself to you. My name is Nancy Cohn Morgan and I have been working with dreams for over 40yrs both informally, formally, individually and doing group work. My website is I live in Loveland.
    If you would like to meet sometime for tea let me know.

    1. Hi Nancy – It’s so nice to know there is another dreamworker near at hand! It would be lovely to meet for tea some time. We’re still getting quite a bit of snow up here in Estes and so it might be nice to wait for a spring day…which hopefully will be soon. Thank you for getting in touch and I contact you in the next week or so to find a time to meet. Kind regards, Mary Jo

  2. Hi, Mary Jo and Nancy,

    I am blown away by the number of dreamworkers I am coming into contact with!

    I kept a dream journal for 24 years and noticed that the dreams had specific messages in them for me, based on the personal symbols they contained, and I learned to decode the messages, which were always of insight and wisdom and love. In 2013 I wrote a book, Wise Dreams: Subtle Messages from the Inner Self, in which I explained the method I used to extract the messages, and included a number of my dreams and their analyses as examples.

    I am delightfully chilled to know that it must be our time coming up, since so many of us are here! I have not yet done more with dreams than the book, and I would love to find a niche here somewhere. I am going to begin creating art from some of the dreams I have, to see if I can stir interest in dreams where I live, which is in the fundamentalist south…. a tough place for dream works. I feel quite alone here; an island to myself, currently.

    It is likely that my husband and I will be moving in the next couple of years. I trust that our new home will be just the right place. And I hope to meet you both someday. Blessings to you both!

    1. Hi Becky – thank you for your comments and your evident love of dreams. As you’ll see in my website I am part of a group of dreamwork practitioners called Natural Dreamwork. You are not alone in the south. My teacher and founder of this group is in New Orleans (I just returned from there yesterday.) We work with dream clients and teach around the country. Take a look at our website and you’ll find some kindred spirits, as well as those who work with dreams and art. Among the many groups I work with, I just arrived home from our local nursing home where I run a monthly dream circle. Becky, you’ll find a wealth of small populations that would love to have someone step into their dreams with them. I wish you the best as you go forward! Warm regards, Mary Jo

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