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from my midnight loft…


While I will continue to work with dreamers, I had the last dream session in my beloved dream studio. I need to close it as my health declines and it’s time to bring things closer in. I stood in the palpable silence and tears of grief rose as I said good-bye to this sacred space…mixed with tears of gratitude for the precious time spent here with dreamers, meditators and those in grief…


Several times over the past few weeks, people have expressed surprise at my desire to continue working with dream clients for as long as I am physically  able. 


I understand this misunderstanding. 


If exploring dreams, my own and others, were an optional supportive practice, an activity that stimulated my mind, or even a helpful way to be with others, then it would make perfect sense that I would want to lay that down and begin to limit my outer world connections, to come in even closer with Joe and loved ones.


However, that is not my experience of what it means to be in relationship with dreams.


Being in dreams, my own and others, is a holy space for me…a connected place. I am in personal and intimate relationship with the sacred and the numinous. 


It is not a one way  conversation…it is an intimate dialogue with the very deepest connections we can have with soul and with God.


It is a realm where each night we are invited to remember who we are and Whose we are and our hearts and soul are healed in that place…


It is a way of being…embodied and ensouled…a visceral experience of loving and being loved….and a relationship that humbles, holds and heals me…


4 thoughts on “closings…”

  1. Hi Mary Jo,
    I have been dreaming about my own death since your news. You have made a loving difference to so many, including me and I hope that makes things easier for you at this time. In my dream, I knew I would die and I fully accepted it and felt it as a welcomed transition. You are so loved Mary Jo and I will always remember your compassion, kindness and smile.
    Thank you, with love

    1. Thank you so much, Amy. Thank you for sharing this healing dream where we can be with our grief and continue to step towards the experience. These are indeed difficult days for us and yet I do feel the love and support both in my outer and inner world. Your words mean a lot to me, Amy. I always appreciated how, when we met, I immediately felt connected to you…much love…

  2. “people have expressed surprise at my desire to continue working with dream clients”

    I’d be surprised if you decided otherwise. As your client, I am grateful you will continue to work with us as you are able.

    In appreciation,


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