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Reframed w/Randy Silkwood podcast interview

The day after I was diagnosed with advanced esophageal cancer I chose to step into this already scheduled interview Randy.  And I am so glad I did; it was a healing conversation for me. Randy’s heart, intuition and his own vulnerability and openness created the space for a heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul conversation about dreams, life challenges, death and how we might live life on this precious planet from both an em-bodied and en-souled place. I hope you’ll listen here


2 thoughts on “Reframed w/Randy Silkwood podcast interview”

  1. Hi, I lost my father last winter while he was healthy and with Corona. He went to the hospital while I was nursing my wife and I could not see him anymore. I could not even attend his ceremony. I am looking for a medium. I am sick. Can you help me

    1. It is very sad to hear of the loss of your father at the same time you were nursing your wife. That must have been a very difficult and painful experience for you and I imagine that the grief process is still very much unfolding. I am not a medium and unable to offer the help you are seeking. Best wishes for finding some support on your journey.

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