Natural Dreamwork with Mary Jo

sacred conversations at the edge…

“Dreaming into the Mystery:

Explorations into Being with the Dreams and Visions of the Dying”

is marking its first year anniversary of publication.


I am grateful for my many teachers…seen and unseen who taught me about how to be with dreams, my own and others. I am grateful for those who have found meaning and inspiration in this book. I am grateful for those who have invited me to be interviewed on my dreamwork with the dying and those who have invited me to in-service their groups about this unique and precious way of being with another. These are important and necessary conversations for us all to have.


Dreaming into the Mystery follows my work as a hospice volunteer, their dream specialist, and my experiences of being with the dreams and visions of those who are dying as well as the dreams of their family members.


Readers are reminded of or discover how tender and healing these end of life conversation can be, how very much the dying need these kinds of conversations. While all our dreams carry meaning and potency, these explorations with hospice dreams carry a special poignancy as the line between life and death, the line between outer world support and inner world support begins to blur and blend…and we are held and known by seen and unseen hands and hearts.


Some of us may have not yet have had the experience of being a caregiver or being with a loved one who is dying…but most of us will some day. And how can we meet that moment in a way that while pain-full is also soul-full. For that reason, I have included for each section Reflections, Meditations and Guided Imagery. These are guiding questions to help each of us discover and remember this capacity we already have…to know and remember the depths of our own love, pain and fear…and from there to be with another as they are experiencing their love, pain and fear… as we companion another to this final threshold…



front cover photo: Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

back cover photo: author on Old Fall

River Road – RMNP