Natural Dreamwork with Mary Jo

dream spelunking…

(encore post)

I spend a lot of time inside people’s dreams.  It’s what I imagine spelunking might be like, with the cave being our psyche and me and the dreamer being two explorers going in with curiosity, openness…and a bit of fear. 


We take a lantern and leave the familiar world of our outer life on the surface and begin the descent into the darkness, into unknown places. We stop often along the way, shining questions into some of the darker corners, not sure what we’ll find but both with a willingness to look at whatever it is we do find…to feel into it. Dreamers come to learn and then to trust that they aren’t alone on this journey, that there is support each step of the way…from me as their dream practitioner and more importantly from someone or something in their dream.  


What we find is often nothing less than remarkable…an unhealed wound that wants to be healed…a remembered loving connection…a clearing of their vision, a coming back into the body…a return of their capacity to feel into and be with all of who they are, a dropping from the mind into the heart…a return to soul. 


And when, about an hour later, we emerge from the depths…we are both somehow changed.  Often we sit quietly for a few moments…perhaps there are tears…a sense of having returned to the outer world with a new feeling…a new awareness…a closer connection to soul. We stay in that place for a few moments together…humbled in a way…knowing we just experienced a kind of miracle.



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