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dream school…

September is here…and school is back in session.
The truth is…school is never out of session.


Each night we are in a unique school…the dream school…the classroom for our hearts and our souls. Yet most of us play hooky our whole lives, not interested in attending this particular school, often because we don’t understand how important it is for us.


In education there is a term, IEP, which stands for Individual Education Plan, where lesson plans are designed for each child’s needs and learning styles. That describes our dreams, too. Each dream is tailored for each individual…with lessons designed specifically for them, with supportive tutors and mentors who know how to write exact lesson plans…and some of them even show up in our dreams to deliver the messages directly to us.


What is it that makes someone finally decide to enroll in dream school? There is no one reason. For some, they just feel there is something missing in their life, a sense of happiness or fulfillment. For others, it may be that they can’t find or stay in meaningful relationship, an ineffable sense that something is missing. Others want to work through past woundings, with addictions or behaviors that no longer serve them. And there are also those who like to experience an on-going relationship with the teachers and teachings in their dreams along their own particular and deeply personal spiritual path.


So, we’ve got the kids back to their schools. Perhaps it’s time to consider attending to our own inner school…our dream school.


(Image by Jim Daly)


Mary Jo Heyen is a certified Natural Dreamwork Practitioner working with clients throughout the country and abroad in person, phone or video conference. Learn more about her work with dreams at or



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