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unexplained tears…

Our dreams are trustworthy. We may misunderstand what it is they are trying to teach us, attempting to understand them from the ego’s point of view, but that doesn’t make the dream itself any less trustworthy.

As we become less attached to ego, as we lay down our armaments, step out from underneath story…as we return to essential feeling with the help of our dreams a small miracle occurs in the outer world.

We begin to experience unexplained tears…

Standing at the kitchen sink…unexplained tears arise.
Speaking our truth…unexplained tears arise.
Sitting quietly…unexplained tears arise.
Listening deeply to another’s experience…unexplained tears rise.

Finally letting ourselves feel our pain…our fear…unexplained tears arise.

Remembering a loving dream embrace…unexplained tears arise.

Unexplained tears, like our dreams, are trustworthy. If we can trust them, let them move all the way through us, stay out of story, not go to mind trying to explain them…they become what they are… liquid drops of healing medicine…liquid grace.

(image by: peterandsharda)

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  1. Tears sometimes reveal a feeling you were not conscious of. It will rise suddenly, or perhaps with difficulty, from deep underneath; like finding something you had lost beneath the cushions.

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