Natural Dreamwork with Mary Jo

the life of death…

My dreamwork practice has brought me the incredible privilege of working with the dreams and visions of those in hospice and their families.  Dreams at end of life and when loved ones are dying can be challenging as well as deeply healing…helping us help another to step across this difficult threshold.


My dreamwork practice has also included being with dreamers who are not facing end of life and yet their dreams reveal their fears about aging and dying…and the underlying grief and fears that their dreams want to help them feel.


My own dreams as Joe and I age invite me into my own awarenesses of this most sacred part of living…our dying…this mysterious process that can evoke fear…and perhaps something else completely unexpected.  


Next time you have five quiet minutes (and if you don’t ever have five quiet minutes…well, that’s a whole other conversation) I encourage you to watch this short animation, “The Life of Death,” by Marsha Onderstijn, which presents another view of death…a figure who loves us with such tenderness.  Link: 


(Image: The Life of Death by Marsha Onderstijn)


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