Natural Dreamwork with Mary Jo

to love as god loves…

There is a spiritual advice that encourages us to “Love God through other people.”  My inner sense wants to feel this differently, perhaps to “Love other people through God” to approach ourselves and others…to be with ourselves and others…in relationship…as God would be with us.
During an interview on the Inner Life of a Mystic with author Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, he said, “…a mystic wants to know what God knows.” 
I’m not a mystic and so perhaps that is true and I took some time to feel into this.
I don’t know…to carry all that God has to carry. That may not be what is necessary to bring us in closer, to be in relationship with the divine. I don’t feel the need or desire to know what God knows…but it might be healing for ourselves and the world to know as God knows…to know as God knows. 
Can we learn to experience our small piece of the universe…as God experiences it? 
Can we learn to be with ourselves and others as God is with us? To…
see as God sees us…behind our protective personas?
listen as God listens…for what is in the space between words?
speak as God speaks…the still small true voice from the depth of soul?
touch as God touches…with the wordless gesture of warmth and understanding?
love as God loves…with a raw, vulnerable heart that feels everything?
know as God knows…the fragile, frightened, fantastic miracle of being?

(Image: Joanna Sierko)
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