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snowflakes and dreams…

snowflakes and dreams…
Just as no two snowflakes are alike…no two dreams are alike and no two dreamers are alike. This is incredible and mysterious, yet it is so.
Looking over dreams there may be similar scenes, similar characters, and similar actions but here is where, for each dreamer, the similarity ends. To be in a particular dream landscape, with a particular dream character, performing a particular action, is a very personal and precise experience. Each dream seems impeccably orchestrated for each dreamer, coming with its own unique approach to what wants to come into our consciousness…what wants to be in conversation and relationship with us.
Like the multi-faceted snowflake, each of these dream images brings its unique gift to the dreamer…and that is the feeling the dream image evokes.  This is the healing medicine in our dreams. We feel into these images…what they want of us and for us…how so very much they want to help us remember who we are. 
These feelings may come with the urgency of a snow blizzard, seemingly overwhelming and challenging…or they may come as the gentle falling of individual snowflakes we catch on our tongues, reminding us of the miracle of which we are a part. 
In our willingness to explore these feelings the dreamer returns to those places where something was lost, where something precious of ourselves was left behind…and we have the opportunity to recover these lost parts of self. This is the promise and potential in every dream…the return to soul.
What a lovely way this winter…what a lovely gift to yourself…to stand in awe of the mystery and marvel of snowflakes…to stand in awe of your dreams…these exquisite invitations into your own mystery and marvel.
Mary Jo Heyen
Natural Dreamwork Practitioner

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