Natural Dreamwork with Mary Jo

if you were god…

If you were God would you leave the beings on this ragged little planet without a way to be in relationship with you…to stay in touch?

However helpful and wonderful books may be would you want to leave them something that is more alive, visceral and intimately personal than words on a page…

Might you leave open a portal where all souls could be in on-going communication with whatever they wanted to call you…God…Angels…Source…Spirit Guides…Davey?

Perhaps you’d call this portal ‘dreams’…and each and every night invite everyone into relationship with you. And through strange language, incredible characters, objects and events that come each night you would encourage us to be with our unique dream images…take a breath into them until they reveal themselves as feelings…the healing and sacred conversation of the night.

(Image by Jeremiah Morelli)
Mary Jo Heyen is a certified Natural Dreamwork Practitioner working with clients in person, phone or Skype. Learn more about her work with dreams at