Natural Dreamwork with Mary Jo

delicious dreaming…

Most of us have been woken from a dream or woken ourselves up with a heart pounding fear. 
In its desire to help us to remember our true self, the dream world shows us places we’re stuck and separate and it can seem a scary and frightening place. It is that…and it is so much more.
Have you even woken from a dream with a feeling of deliciousness, come into waking consciousness awash with love? That, too, is what the dream world wants us to remember.
In those moments we are bringing back with us into our daytime life the feeling of what it is like to be in our soul…the moment of simply loving and being loved…something we have forgotten…but never lost. 
Next time you wake up awash in this love…and I so hope you do…lay there for a few breaths…absorb it…wiggle around in it…remember it…be it.
To quote one of my hospice patients as we opened up a dream and this deliciousness was felt… “you are strumming the strings of my heart.” 

(Image: Strumming My Heart by Simon Bull)

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