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daily writing…

As many do, I write every day, some of which I post here. Even during my career as an educator I would make time to write each day. I’m a visual learner and to read what I write deepens the intention and inner connection. When I was in college and throughout my years of teaching I would write in Spanish to build my language skills. 
For decades, I would write a letter to my soul, pose a question, something that I was struggling with, wondering about…and then write a response. There was something about translating into Spanish that removed me just enough that responses came through a bit more clearly, less edited…more honest answers about how I was not seeing clearly, contributing to my own stuckness. Even addressing those stuck places, the responses came back with love. It was a love that was straightforward…ego pinching…and challenging but I always felt the support…and even humor there in the broken places. I knew parts of me were stuck and also that my core self was still whole and was okay…more than okay. 
When I began working with my dreams this kind of writing was part of my training and continued naturally…daily gesture of recording this ever rising of awareness and healing.  As my work with dreams has evolved, my writing continues to deepen …now being with the images that come up in my dreams and the feeling these images carry…this inner conversation with soul.
As the voice of my soul is rising more strongly, more clearly…my heart is descending to meet it. As I wrote in Spanish, translating to a language that wasn’t my first language there is here a different language being translated each day for me…the language of the dreams…often a wordless language…the translation of an image into a feeling…into a healing.
(Image by Henriette Brown 1870)

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