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weak in the knees…

Dream – I am leaning against a split rail fence.  A tall young man, who I don’t know, comes up to me.  He stands in front of me and lowers his forehead to touch mine.  I go weak in the knees.
A dream like this can be easily misunderstood. What…a younger man? What about my beautiful husband?  No…none of that is what this dream is about…and why so often we are afraid to speak of our dreams with others.  
Such a simple dream and yet so profound…how deeply we all long for love…for connection…not only in the outer world. Our dreams want to show us that this love is already ours…we already have an inner connection. It’s just that many of us have forgotten…and our dream want to help us remember.
Dreams help us open up to the truth of who we are by bringing images that evoke deep feeling and memory…we already have this connection…a connection that is so deep and so loving that all it takes is touching foreheads for us to drop into this incredible ‘weak in the knees’ feeling.  
Dream by dream we begin to feel that inner support and love.  And then from this place we can be in our relationship with the outer world…and both we and the world are enriched.

(Image: T. Cordell Scott)
Mary Jo Heyen is a Natural Dreamwork Practitioner working with clients throughout the country and abroad in person, phone or Skype. Learn more about her work with dreams at her website: or on her Facebook page, ‘Mary Jo’s Dream Page’

1 thought on “weak in the knees…”

  1. Mary Jo—thank you for this lovely image. I’ve had two powerful dreams that resonate with what you’ve written… Both involved touching with the forehead (in one, touching the ground—in the other, touching another person’s temple). This gesture seems to convey such reverence, tenderness, loving connection and a kind of surrender. In both of my dreams, the gesture was also one of shared grief. I am grateful for your dream and your thoughts.

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