Natural Dreamwork with Mary Jo

the geranium on the windowsill just died but teacher you went right on…

We have  all been that geranium…many times. 

We all have parts of ourselves that through lack of attention and nurturing just wither.  

The most tender parts of ourselves, tender shoots that needed watering, are always right there, just under the surface, wanting to be seen but our parents, partners, friends, colleagues, children…they didn’t take notice of those parts of us (or of themselves) and keep right on going.  

Even more importantly, we need to know we ourselves have forgotten who it is we truly are, who it is that wants to be expressed in the world and most of us have keep right on going…  

What if we do want to see ourselves, want something in us to be seen?  For many of us we don’t even know anymore what those desires may be…we just feel the withering. 

Sometimes we feel the stirring of our desires, our creativity, our voices wanting to emerge…wanting to be watered, turned towards the sun…but we keep on going…and those parts of ourselves never get to flower…like the geranium they sit neglected on the windowsill.

How do we find these parts of ourselves that want to flourish, want to come back to life?  

In our dreams…

Our dreams know with an accuracy and precision that is uncanny. They know where all our neglected flowers are.  Each night they come and show us what needs watering. 

And then we can choose…to not go keep on going…to turn and see what wants to be seen.

(Image: “The Geranium…” Albert Cullum 1971)

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