Natural Dreamwork with Mary Jo

hot and cold…

When you were young did you ever play the game “Hot and Cold?”  Where something was hidden and you were given cues to find it?  If you were moving away from it…you were told, “getting colder.” If you moved closer, ”getting warmer…warmer.”  “You’re getting hot!”  And then you knew that what you were seeking was nearby, within hands reach.  
But first you had to feel the heat.
Fear is like that. To find those parts of ourselves that through wounding and hurts we’ve lost connection to along the way…our vulnerability, our open heart, our true compassion, our connection to soul…we have to be willing to feel the heat…fear.  
We don’t like to feel fear and so we turn away, go to story about the fear, explain why we do what we do…often very good reasons.  And yet our dreams are so often filled with fearful moments. Why do they do this…keep bringing us to encounters that frighten us? 
What if the capacity to feel our fear were the Geiger Counter to soul? 
What if, upon waking from a frightening dream…we step back into that moment when we felt fear rise…and instead of turning away, we took a step towards it…took a breath there…just a breath…and waited…let the fear enter us…feel it move through our body…and tell us more deeply what it is we’re truly afraid of.  
What we’re truly afraid of is usually so very different from what we think it will be. When we can take a step and a breath into fear…feel our fear…and stay…we find that what fear wants to tell us is something so precious and tender about ourselves…about our pain, hurt, grief, sadness, joy, desire…about our true heritage…our capacity to feel it all…what was left back there in the wounding.
With love, Mary Jo

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