Natural Dreamwork with Mary Jo


A while back someone I respect was speaking to me about leaving a legacy…my writing, my work…and I nodded…listened politely…while my mind was saying, ‘yeah…yeah…yeah.’ Not a desire of mine…to leave something of myself behind.  It hasn’t felt important for me…no desire or need to have people remember me…seems arrogant and full of self to think I must leave a trace…my footprints on an already heavily trodden planet.
Then, on my birthday of all days, such an odd little thing happened.  I came upon a two minute clip of Gilda Radner…that made me laugh and then it made me cry. I felt such gratitude to be for those few moments in her beauty…her unabandoned wackiness…her presence and inspiration still alive…how it still affects the world…how it still affects me…brings joy and healing laughter.
She not only left her body behind…she left her body of work behind…to inspire and encourage others. It’s not just about Gilda…it’s about all the Gildas who spend their time here so fully that their essence can’t be contained in a few short years and it has to spill over into the future.
I don’t know what or if there is a particular legacy that I or any of us are called to leave. It seems that if I keep living and speaking what nourishes me…what ensouls me…if something of that is left behind…then glory be…

With love, Mary Jo

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