Natural Dreamwork with Mary Jo

diamond mind or resultant mind…

Are we in the world with the mind that God created
or are in the world with the mind that got created?
In earlier posts I wrote about both the diamond mind and the resultant mind. To briefly restate, in my experience the diamond mind reflects our true nature, our connectedness to the divine through which our soul manifests versus the resultant mind which got created as an understandable reaction to some deep hurt or trauma. It’s our persona, who we became in order to survive what we thought would crush us…but it’s not our soul self.
My dreams are showing me ways I experience both minds…those moments I am clearly in the mind that God created, feeling my joy, my creativity and my passion as well as those moments I am clearly in the mind that got created, feeling separate, lost and that I need to do something, be something in order to feel better…to feel I belong.  
One method that helps me quiet the resultant mind is meditation.  My recent work seems to indicate that with meditation alone I may be stopping short of what truly wants to be revealed. The inner divine, my own soul, want more than a quiet tamed mind. As the resultant mind is healed, it is the diamond mind that is revealed. And what does this mean for me, for any of us?  A recent dream first shows me talking from my head and not my heart and my inner teacher says softly, “Stop talking.”  I pause and start up again. He says gently, “Stop talking.”  In the dream I finally do stop talking and then feel the pain that is underneath, how I came to be this way.  The ‘stop talking’ immediately became a teaching for me.  It’s not so much about my speaking, it’s about where my speaking is coming from…my mind or my heart.  Throughout my day, either in my monkey-mind thoughts or speaking out loud, I will hear an inner, “Stop talking.” It actually makes me laugh, because I know I’m being told with love that this is not who I am in my true essence. And I think this represents well what a meditation practice can do for us, help us to clarify and quiet this mind that wants to pipe up, to think and to speak…about anything and everything and everyone.  
Then my dream shows me something new; it shifts to a new scene that takes me beyond just quieting the mind to something even deeper. The teacher is now asking me questions and I am answering him.  I am in dialogue with my inner teacher, able to hear his teachings, feel how he wants to be in relatiionship with me as he teaches me how to heal.  What a precious dream, what a precious teaching!  In a few small sentences I get to experience both minds, the blindness and pain of the resultant mind, the one that got created…and the diamond mind, the one that God created, revealed through my feelings, the one that brings me into felt relationship with the inner divine.
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