Natural Dreamwork with Mary Jo

stepping in…

Dreams-The Sacred Experiment
…following the path back to our soul
Every dream has an intention.  
Every dream has a plan. 
Every dream wants to lead us back to the 
soul within that remembers who we are. 
Mary Jo Heyen
Archetypal Dreamwork Practitioner 
Dream sessions in person, via Skype or on the phone

A unique way of working with dreams developed by Marc Bregman and North of Eden Center for Archetypal Dreamwork understands that the power of the dream lies in the feeling. The journey for each of us is very personal, and the dreams come to us individually tailored to show us what blocks us in our life, as well as the promise and truth of who we are. Reconnecting to our soul energy, the truth of who we are, is a profound experience. The dreams guide us and they challenge us. They are provocative—at times beautiful, joyful and at other times terrifying. All of what our souls have experienced in this life, and perhaps many others, is carried forward and may be presented in the dream. Working with dreams in this way offers an immediate, visceral, and often surprising experience of ourselves, revealing the truth of our present experience and pointing the way toward who we can become. Working with my own dreams is core to me as I work with clients interested in this unique way of
approaching their dreams and approaching their souls. If you, or someone you know, is curious about dreamwork, consider scheduling a session. We can work with your dreams live or on the phone.

2 thoughts on “stepping in…”

  1. Mary Jo, I often have trouble describing Archetypal Dreamwork to others. Your words perfectly describe the heart and soul of the work.

  2. Thank you, Cathie, but these aren't my words…I, too, struggle to describe this dream work we do. I borrowed this from North of Eden, and different ways they write about dream work…it speaks right to it, doesn't it?

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