Natural Dreamwork with Mary Jo


“I am standing at the top of our stairs in my childhood home.  I feel a movement in my upper stomach (solar plexus), lift up and float down the stairs to the bottom landing.  What fun!  I climb back up and do it again…and again.”

This is the first dream I remember.  I was no older than four because we then moved to another house.  I remember getting up that morning and trying to wiggle my stomach and was very confused that I couldn’t lift myself up and float down the stairs. I couldn’t understand what was happening, why I could do this at night but not in the morning.

So began a lifelong curiosity about my dreams.  I trusted that they were trying to tell me something but I just didn’t know what…and couldn’t seem to find out.  For the next six decades, I wrote them down, in journals, on scraps of paper, even in Spanish to keep my writing skills up, as if the very act of writing would unlock their mystery.  I studied everything and everyone I could on dreams, but nothing was ringing true.  Yet, my trust and curiosity was keeping something alive in me, something I would have to wait another sixty years to uncover, when I came upon Archetypal Dreamwork.  To become this girl again, as I was in my first dream, this essence of the soul, is why our dreams come…to help us, through our feelings, return to the soul within, to our connection with the Divine.

Mary Jo Heyen
Archetypal Dreamwork Practitioner 
Dream sessions in person, via Skype or on the phone

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  1. Thank you Laura. This feels important to step in this way, to learn to speak about my work…and to learn to speak with the tender voice of the girl soul. I have some good role models who have led the way ;). Love, Mary Jo

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