Welcome to my dream site. Please spend some time looking around, getting a feel for who I am and how it is I work with dreams. After you’ve read a bit about me and my work with dreams, an approach called Natural Dreamwork, you may want to take the next step and invite me to explore your dreams alongside you. I welcome that.

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As unique as our fingerprints, as personal as our DNA, as natural as our breath…are our dreams…because they change and grow reflecting how we change and grow. A dream is a nightly communication, so very personal, individually tailored for each of us. Our dreams reflect both the state of our outer life and our inner life and help us see the places and ways where they are or are not in alignment.

Our dreams want to help re-connect us with something that we have lost and that something varies for each of us. For some, it may mean a desire for more wholeness, to simply be more aware and happier in life. For others it may be to have better and more meaningful relationships. Understanding the teachings in our dreams can be a support for a current spiritual practice, or a practice in itself, deepening the connection with our true self.

The on-going work with my own dreams is core to my inner practice…and it deepens my capacity to be with others when they encounter their own difficult struggles.  When working with a client’s dreams they know they can trust my ability to remain present with and open to whatever may arise for them on this exploration to discover and feel into all that their dreams want to reveal and heal in them.


The Shift Network Dreamwork Summit

As part of the gathering of dreamwork teachers from around the country, Rodger Kamenetz, founder of Natural Dreamwork, interviews me about a special aspect of my work as a Natural Dreamwork Practitioner, my work as a hospice volunteer where I have the privilege of exploring the dreams and visions of the dying and their families. Listen to this most tender conversation here:

Shift Network


Grief Dreams

This is my interview on Grief Dreams Podcast. Dr. Joshua Black speaks with me about my dreamwork practice and my work as a hospice volunteer working with the dreams and visions of the dying as well as the dreams of the bereaved.

grief dreams


If you would like to experience for yourself the Natural Dreamwork approach, go to the Submit a Dream page and schedule a dream session.

I work with dream clients across the U.S. and abroad. To learn more about my background and experience, visit my About MJ page.

—Mary Jo Heyen

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